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Faceted Mirror 1125 x 2250 Silver

Faceted Mirror 1125 x 2250 Silver

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Faceted Mirror 1125 x 2250 Silver

  • A mirror composed of individually faceted pieces along the contour, measuring 1125 x 2250 in Silver.
  • Mirrorskds presents a wide range of contour-faceted mirrors that are available in three colour variations.
  • → The simple model, Silver, is recommended for use within a simple frame and is suitable for living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, or bathrooms!
  • It is an accessory with a unique design arranged in squares and triangles, ready for the customer to assemble directly on the wall!
  • Faceting is the process of milling at an angle on the perimeter or a side of the glass/mirror. This method is most used in mirrors and tabletops and is increasingly being used in glass cladding, giving the clad wall a 3D appearance.
  • A 20 mm bevel along the contour ensures a remarkable 3D impact, which will certainly not go unnoticed!

Model Fazeta

  • The mirror is arranged as a panel, with each piece individually attached to the wall using double-sided tape and mirror-specific silicone, without the need for drilling!
  • The pieces are all the same size, so the buyer can enjoy assembly without the risk of incorrectly composing the panel!
  • Embrace the opportunity to transform your home with the panel-type faceted mirror! Each panel is a unique canvas, ready to be used in any type of room, offering endless design possibilities and adapting to any space availability.

Shape arrangement: Rectangular.

Frame: Frameless

Mirror thickness: 4mm


  • The panel includes:

27 x Silver coloured diamonds faceted along the contour.

18 x Silver faceted triangles

  • The product does not have a mounting kit; however, it can be purchased separately by checking the “+ mounting kit” box.
  • Product type: Faceted Mirror Panel 1125 x 2250 Silver


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